sábado, 25 de agosto de 2018

CoinHeaps, + 500 satoshi daily, 1000 satoshi welcome bonus

1000 satoshi bonus with my link

Many ways to earn bitcoin
- Faucet, 30 satoshi every hour (500 claims)

- Games, 100 satoshi per game played:
Play games for at least 2 minutes and earn bitcoins! Click on the "Play Now" button next to the game you want to play, play it for at least 2 minutes then come back to this page to do another one. If you close the game early, you will have to start all over again.
  Make sure to focus on the game or else the timer will pause. The time will be visible on the upper-left most of the browser window of the game.
You can only play 1 game at a time, and after 2 minutes you can play another game. Once you have played all games, come back the next day to play again.

- Captcha mining, 15-30 satoshi per captcha:
You need to solve ReCaptchas for you to be able to earn Bitcoins and CoinHeaps Points (CHP). Wait until the recaptcha is solved. The speed of solving recaptcha depends on the specs of your device's processing power (CPU). CoinHeaps uses Coinhive's recaptcha tool for this system. Unlike with a conventional captcha however, you not have to "proof you're human". Instead, the captcha is a "proof of work" itself.
Once you've finished solving all the captchas, comeback again tomorrow and solve another sets of captcha.
  While solving captchas, DO NOT close the popup or reload the page else you will start all over again.
Some ReCaptchas are not always available and the reward values might change from time to time but we encourage you to visit this page regularly. To increase your chances it's recommended to try them multiple times, at different hours, every day.

- Point Market, 1000 points $1:
Redeem your points for some awesome prizes and bonuses here!
How to earn points?
Solving Captchas lets you earn bitcoins and points! You will also receive points from your referrals everytime they solve captcha!
To receive rewards, go to Settings and setup your payment accounts.
Payment Process
  For Paypal payments, allow us to process your withdrawals within 5 days.
  For Bitcoin payments, you will receive the current value of USD amount to BTC in your BTC Wallet. Please allow us to process your withdrawals within 5 days.

Wallet payout: 30000 satoshi

jueves, 9 de agosto de 2018

Earn real 200% with Perucoin ICO + Bits2u

Take advantage of the ico of Perucoin and earn more than 45 of your investment and double in 12 months with bits2u, Perucoin is the ico of Bits2u to publicize the world of cryptomonedas, it is a token erc20, therefore you need to have an account in Myetherwallet, buy perucoin with an extra 20% until August 15, the percentage will drop to 15% after that date, once you have your Perucoin, buy 2uhash power in Bits2u and take advantage of another 20% + 5% when doing the buy with Perucoin.

example: if you invest € 1000 in Perucoin you get € 1200, then when you buy 2uhash in bits2u, you will have invested € 1500, that investment will become € 3000 in 12 months.
You need:
Myetherwallet to receive Perucoin, you need to have at least a small amount of ethereum for the sending commission to bits2u, less than $2 for $1000 approx.

When you receive token PERU, you have to add token, see tutorial.

You can also keep your Perucoin, the company will distribute 30% of the profits of the mining farm among its users.

miércoles, 18 de julio de 2018

4 years paying, very good invesment site, 50 GH/S free 

You can invest in BTC or UNIT. With which you can choose:
3 Months - Investment in BTC - ROI 30%
6 Months - Investment in BTC - ROI 70%
1 Year - Investment in BTC - ROI 160%
3 Years - Investment in BTC - ROI 500%
15 Years - Investment in UNIT - ROI 2600%
Life Time (All Life) - Investment in UNIT - ROI 10000%

Conditions in CryptoMiningFarm:

    They give us 50GHs free for life (it stops if you do not invest after 7 days.)
    The minimum capacity to buy 1000GHs

    The minimum withdrawal is 0.005 BTC (If you are VIP 0.003)

Who is behind CryptominingFarm?

Cryptomining.farm is part of the Lifetime Technology company (formerly YODNAM COMPUTER LIMITED PARTNERSHIP)

Lifetime Technology products and services are IP voice, network installation service, leased line, AI chatbot and, finally, investment in cryptocurrencies (they used to put that on their website).

Their AI virtual chat agent promotional video

Their AI virtual chat agent demo video

jueves, 5 de julio de 2018

GoldenTea, real money for virtual leaves

We give out real money for virtual leaves
You have an opportunity to receive money by playing an interesting game. Golden Tea is an innovative project where everyone can receive money, showing activity in the game. The project is managed by a whole team of real professionals, from programmers to designers and copywriters, so that you get the best service and fair play.

Convenient cash out system and responsive technical support
Good vibes are also guaranteed by our Customer Support, which is ready to reply to any of your questions at any time.

Brief playing algorithm:
1) Buy tea bushes in «the Store»
2) Plant them on «the Playing field»
3) Collect tea after a little while (at your convenience) and the administration will buy the collected tea back.
4) Receive funds to your e-wallets or buy
bushes again in the Store.
To buy a tea bush, you should replenish the game balance .1 RUB = 100 coins
Learn more
In the Store you may buy bushes of different size that bring tea leaves at different speeds
10,000 leaves/hour 1,000 leaves/hour 100 leaves/hour
Cost of bush upgrade:
900000  90000 
After buying a tea bush, you may plant it on the Playing field; to do this drag the bush with a mouse, or click on the bush and then on the field.
After planting the bush, you may also upgrade it, having the required number of coins. To do this, select the bush and click on the button:

Next, you should collect tea leaves by clicking on the button
at any time interval, hourly, daily or even monthly, for your
convenience. Leaves are sold at the rate of ( 20 ) = 1 at the same
Playing field page
PS: When selling leaves, 50% goes to , 50% goes to !

After selling leaves, you may withdraw gold to your e-wallets,
at the rate of 100 = 1

You may cash out from the game every day, up to: RUB 10,000

domingo, 10 de junio de 2018

QuickieBtc, faucet basada en niveles por ver acortadores

Faucet basada en ver acortadores, pero lo bueno es que nos dan puntos de experiencia con los que subimos de nivel y cada vez se gana más.

No hay mínimo de retiro a faucethub.

Os dejo la lista de acortadores que usa:

miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2018

PRE coin, 1,65$ al día por usar el buscador de google

Presearch es una moneda que se consigue haciendo busquedas en su portal, pero las búsquedas son realizadas en google, te pagan 0,25 PRE por cada busqueda, hasta 8 PRE por día.

Así de simple, PRE esta cotizando en Hitbtc a un precio 0,20$, si te registras con el mi link, clickando en el banner, te regalan 25 ETN.

jueves, 3 de mayo de 2018

Electroneum, la moneda que se mina desde el móvil sin gastar batería

Electroneum es una moneda que se está haciendo muy popular gracias a su método para conseguirla, solo necesitas un smartphone android y descargarte la aplicación desde google play, luego de instarla te pedirá que te abras cuenta, contraseña y confirmarción por email.
Coloca este código para conseguir una bonificación de bienvenida: 32A9C2

Puedes mantener la aplicación abierta las 24 horas, que no gasta ni calienta la batería, se consiguen unos 10 ETN al día aproximadamente.
Cada 10 ETN, o cuando la red de bloques lo permita, se envían a tu cartera, puedes vender tus ETN en Kucoin.

Cuentan con más de un millon de usuarios registrados y en continuo aumento, es bueno acumular esta moneda por si en un futuro sube de precio y nos da una buenas ganancias.