jueves, 9 de agosto de 2018

Earn real 200% with Perucoin ICO + Bits2u

Take advantage of the ico of Perucoin and earn more than 45 of your investment and double in 12 months with bits2u, Perucoin is the ico of Bits2u to publicize the world of cryptomonedas, it is a token erc20, therefore you need to have an account in Myetherwallet, buy perucoin with an extra 20% until August 15, the percentage will drop to 15% after that date, once you have your Perucoin, buy 2uhash power in Bits2u and take advantage of another 20% + 5% when doing the buy with Perucoin.

example: if you invest € 1000 in Perucoin you get € 1200, then when you buy 2uhash in bits2u, you will have invested € 1500, that investment will become € 3000 in 12 months.
You need:
Myetherwallet to receive Perucoin, you need to have at least a small amount of ethereum for the sending commission to bits2u, less than $2 for $1000 approx.

When you receive token PERU, you have to add token, see tutorial.

You can also keep your Perucoin, the company will distribute 30% of the profits of the mining farm among its users.

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