sábado, 25 de agosto de 2018

CoinHeaps, + 500 satoshi daily, 1000 satoshi welcome bonus

1000 satoshi bonus with my link

Many ways to earn bitcoin
- Faucet, 30 satoshi every hour (500 claims)

- Games, 100 satoshi per game played:
Play games for at least 2 minutes and earn bitcoins! Click on the "Play Now" button next to the game you want to play, play it for at least 2 minutes then come back to this page to do another one. If you close the game early, you will have to start all over again.
  Make sure to focus on the game or else the timer will pause. The time will be visible on the upper-left most of the browser window of the game.
You can only play 1 game at a time, and after 2 minutes you can play another game. Once you have played all games, come back the next day to play again.

- Captcha mining, 15-30 satoshi per captcha:
You need to solve ReCaptchas for you to be able to earn Bitcoins and CoinHeaps Points (CHP). Wait until the recaptcha is solved. The speed of solving recaptcha depends on the specs of your device's processing power (CPU). CoinHeaps uses Coinhive's recaptcha tool for this system. Unlike with a conventional captcha however, you not have to "proof you're human". Instead, the captcha is a "proof of work" itself.
Once you've finished solving all the captchas, comeback again tomorrow and solve another sets of captcha.
  While solving captchas, DO NOT close the popup or reload the page else you will start all over again.
Some ReCaptchas are not always available and the reward values might change from time to time but we encourage you to visit this page regularly. To increase your chances it's recommended to try them multiple times, at different hours, every day.

- Point Market, 1000 points $1:
Redeem your points for some awesome prizes and bonuses here!
How to earn points?
Solving Captchas lets you earn bitcoins and points! You will also receive points from your referrals everytime they solve captcha!
To receive rewards, go to Settings and setup your payment accounts.
Payment Process
  For Paypal payments, allow us to process your withdrawals within 5 days.
  For Bitcoin payments, you will receive the current value of USD amount to BTC in your BTC Wallet. Please allow us to process your withdrawals within 5 days.

Wallet payout: 30000 satoshi

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