miércoles, 18 de julio de 2018

4 years paying, very good invesment site, 50 GH/S free 

You can invest in BTC or UNIT. With which you can choose:
3 Months - Investment in BTC - ROI 30%
6 Months - Investment in BTC - ROI 70%
1 Year - Investment in BTC - ROI 160%
3 Years - Investment in BTC - ROI 500%
15 Years - Investment in UNIT - ROI 2600%
Life Time (All Life) - Investment in UNIT - ROI 10000%

Conditions in CryptoMiningFarm:

    They give us 50GHs free for life (it stops if you do not invest after 7 days.)
    The minimum capacity to buy 1000GHs

    The minimum withdrawal is 0.005 BTC (If you are VIP 0.003)

Who is behind CryptominingFarm?

Cryptomining.farm is part of the Lifetime Technology company (formerly YODNAM COMPUTER LIMITED PARTNERSHIP)

Lifetime Technology products and services are IP voice, network installation service, leased line, AI chatbot and, finally, investment in cryptocurrencies (they used to put that on their website).

Their AI virtual chat agent promotional video

Their AI virtual chat agent demo video

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